Transfer Chairs for Long-Term Care Facilities

Transfer Chairs Offer Comfort, Versatility and Easy Operation

Penner Bathing’s transfer equipment is designed to integrate with Penner bathing systems to make bathing easier and safer for bathers and their aides. Our transfer chairs are easy to use and available for left, right and end opening bathing systems.

Our height-adjustable transfer chairs make foot care and entry into and out of our spas simple and comfortable. Our transfer seats are designed with soft, supportive seat cushions and back rests with safety belts that keep the resident comfortable and secure during the bathing process. The seat cushions are also easily removable for cleaning. These transfer seats allow the bather to remain on the transfer product during bathing, reducing the number of times the bather has to be transferred.

Each Penner transfer chair for the tub comes with two batteries and a battery charger. Select our tub transfer seat with a standard 400-pound weight capacity or our 600-pound transfer option. The 600-pound capacity seat is designed to fit our wide spa, which accommodates people up to 600 pounds. You may also choose to add a scale to any of our transfer products.