Bathing Systems, Walk-In Bathtubs and Shower Chairs for Sale

More Types of Healthcare Spas Than Any Other Company

Penner Bathing currently manufactures 38 different models of long-term care bathing systems and walk-in bathtubs, allowing you to pick a spa that works in your existing room or plans. The room dictates which spa will fit. If your room requires a left-side entry door, we have it. If your room needs an end-opening door, we have it. If you want a height-adjustable recumbent spa, we have it. Other companies offer only one or two options, so facilities have to “make them work” in their rooms. With Penner, you get exactly what you want.

All our high-quality, affordable and customizable bathing systems, walk-in baths and shower chairs are easy to operate and require little maintenance. Bathing systems feature a time-saving reservoir and round-the-clock antimicrobial protection. 

Walk-In Baths for Residential Use

The Penner Bathing name is well-known to personnel in the healthcare market, but many others may not have heard of us. If you are considering a walk-in tub for your home, you should know that we are the nation’s industry leader in bathing systems. Our quality Dream Spa model is dependable, easy to operate and surprisingly affordable. It offers the health benefits of hydrotherapy and reduces muscle and joint pain. And, best of all, a walk-in bathtub is safer than a standard tub.

Other companies rarely give you a price upfront, and their customers often end up paying more than $20,000 because the company wants to remodel the entire bathroom. We sell our Dream Spa as a replacement for your existing standard bathtub. Plus, a walk-in bathtub at home saves money in the long run by allowing seniors to stay in their homes longer and “age in place.” (Did you know that the average monthly cost for nursing home care exceeds $8,000?) 

With Our Warranty, Your First 5 Years Are on Us!

Every Penner spa comes with a 5-year parts warranty, meaning that for 5 years, your spa will cost you nothing to operate. We do not include labor in our warranty because we don’t need to. All our spas were developed with ease of maintenance in mind; if you need a part, simply let us know and we send it next-day air. You pay no shipping charges during the first 5 years.

Our warranty eliminates the need for a service contract. A service contract involves downtime while you wait 3 – 5 days for the service rep to get there, hopefully with the right part in hand. Penner gets you up and running in 24 hours!