Residential Bathing

Quality Walk-In Baths for In-Home Use

A Tub Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Turn everyday bathing into an experience with Penner Bathing’s revolutionary Dream Spa. 

Our Dream Spa requires no expensive remodeling — after your existing standard bathtub is removed, we install the Dream Spa in its place. You’ll begin to relax as soon as you sit down in the spa, as the heated seat, back and air warm your body while the spa fills with water. The ergonomically designed handheld shower head lets you shampoo your hair easily or shower while sitting, if you prefer. The wide swing-out door allows you to sit down and then swing your legs into the spa, eliminating the need to step over the side of the spa.

Our Dream Spa is available in dozens of colors to match or complement any bathroom. Contact us today to find out how we help turn regular bathing into a relaxing experience you look forward to every day.

The Dream Spa’s Features and Benefits

  • Wide door for easy entry
  • Shower wand to soap up and shampoo with ease
  • Heated seat and air to keep you warm
  • Safe entry — no step-in required
  • Standard tub space — no remodeling
  • Unlimited designs — millions of options