Residential Bathing

Quality Walk-In Baths for In-Home Use

A Walk-In Bath Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Bathe safely and experience the health benefits of a Dream Spa Walk-In Bath.

The Dream Spa side-entry tub does not require extensive remodeling. After your existing standard bathtub is removed, a Dream Spa can be installed its place. Other walk-in bath companies want to sell you expensive remodel packages. Most will not even tell you the cost of the bath itself. Save thousands with the Penner Dream Spa’s simple installation.

The Dream Spa has many amazing features. The heated seat, back and air keep you warm while the tub is filling and draining. The wide swing-out door allows you to sit first and then swing your legs into the spa. Never “step in” to a bath. The Dream Spa drastically reduces your chances of falling during the bathing process. You won’t need to stand to wash your hair or body. The hand-held shower wand makes shampooing simple and safe. Its also great for rinsing the tub between uses.

Our Dream Spa Walk-In Bath is available in millions of colors to match or complement any bathroom decor. You Dream It. We Make It.

The Dream Spa’s Features and Benefits

  • Wide door for easy entry
  • Shower wand to soap up and shampoo with ease
  • Heated seat and air to keep you warm
  • Safe entry — no step-in required
  • Standard tub space — no remodeling
  • Unlimited designs — millions of options

For decades, Penner Bathing has been a premier manufacturer of innovative bathing solutions. Our company is dedicated to offering high-end walk-in tubs, showering chairs and other bathing equipment that make bathing easier for people facing physical challenges and their caregivers. Penner has a commitment to affordable, quality, and functional solutions for safe bathing to meet every bathing need.

Contact us today to find out how we help you turn bathing into a relaxing experience you look forward to every day.