Nursing Home and Assisted Living Shower Chairs by Lopital

Walk-In Shower Systems for the Elderly

Looking for shower equipment for the elderly? Worried about your residents falling in the shower? You’re not alone if you’re concerned about this danger — older adults have a one in four chance of falling at least once a year,* and many of these falls occur in the shower. This can make a shower for an elderly person an anxiety-producing and dangerous experience.

Our Lopital® shower chairs provide support and help take the fear out of showering for the elderly and disabled, allowing them greater independence and safety — whether they bathe alone or with the assistance of another.

Penner Bathing offers both fixed and mobile shower chairs that are designed to be safe and sturdy, providing stress-free walk-in showers and shower equipment for the elderly. Adjustable chair heights make the chair more comfortable for both the bather and the person assisting him or her. Lopital shower chairs are an excellent choice for nursing home showers and assisted living showers.

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