Nursing Home and Assisted Living Shower Chairs by Lopital

Our Lopital® shower chairs provide an safe and convenient way to bathe long-term care residents in the shower.

Penner Bathing offer Lopital shower chairs that are designed to be safe and sturdy, providing stress-free showering. These elderly bathing solutions are optimal for use in showers that would be otherwise inaccessible, as they provide dependable in-shower seating options. Use these shower solutions for elderly and disabled residents in assisted living facilities or nursing homes to create a simple bathing process. Adjustable chair heights make the chair more comfortable for both the bather and the bathing attendant. Lopital® Shower Chairs are an excellent choice for nursing home showers and assisted living showers.

Benefits of Lopital® Showering Solutions

  1. Easy to use during showering
  2. Easier to clean than competitors’ products
  3. Made of durable metal construction
  4. Ensures resident and caregiver safety

Penner Bathing is dedicated to providing safe and effective shower chairs for seniors and others with physical limitations. Years of commitment to quality assurance and lasting, functional technology leads to solutions that will save you time and money. For more information about our showering equipment, click on a product category above, visit the Lopital® website or contact us directly.