Walk-In Baths For Your Home

Dream Spa Walk-In Bath Features
See the amazing features of the Dream Spa Walk-in Bath.
TheraSpa Interior is Spacious
Roomy on the inside but smaller length than the Dream Spa. Fits in tighter spaces.
Automatic Door Close for Walk-In Bath
Open and close our walk-in bath doors with a push of a button. Watch now!
Save $ w/Penner Walk-In Tub
WELL WORTH IT! John and Alayne compared and found the cost of the Penner Dream Spa Walk-In Tub was LESS THAN JUST ONE MONTH in an assisted living care home! Contact us today to learn more!
Walk-In Bath: How It Works
Short video on how to get in to a walk-in bath and get it started!
FAQ: Will Our Walk-In Bath Door Leak?
FAQ: Will our walk-in bath door leak? NO! Watch for brief explanation of our door seal system.

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