Top 8 reasons you need a walk-in tub

There’s nothing quite like a relaxing bath at the end of the day. The hot water, a few bubbles and the opportunity to simply sit back and have a moment of peace cannot be replaced with a ‘quick shower’, especially when you may feel unsteady on your feet.

But of course, you want to relax in the knowledge that you can bathe safely (and enjoyably) at home, without concerns. Bathing is made easier for those facing physical challenges with the help of a walk-in tub, but why else should you consider one?

Here are our top 8 reasons you need a walk-in tub!

Dream Spa Walk-in Bathtub for independent at-home bathing

1. Full bathing independence

Independence is something we all value, and if you have limited mobility, adapting your bathroom can make day-to-day life easier and safer.

A standard bathtub can be a huge challenge for many people of all ages, even after the smallest of injuries. Most walk-in tubs on the market require a small step to be made to enter the bath itself, which aims to reduce overstretching, leaning and the need to get into a low position in order to bathe. 

Although some walk-in tubs require a step up, our Dream Spa has a wide, swing-out door that allows for easy access and the opportunity to swing your legs into the bath. This, therefore, eliminates the need to ‘step’ into a walk-in tub, which means you can comfortably sit down and enjoy a risk-free bathing experience.

Luxury walk-in tub with waterfall faucet

2. Luxury

You don’t have to be facing any physical challenges to enjoy the luxurious feeling of a walk-in tub. Most models feature powerful jets that have a multitude of benefits, including improving circulation and fatigue. These jets work to keep water flowing around the tub, soothing your body and helping you relax, unlike an ordinary bath that can quickly run cold and provide little comfort to muscles beyond soaking them.

Our Dream Spa features an Aqua-Aire jet valve system that keeps your bath’s water flowing freely, soothing sore muscles and joints while preventing water from sitting in the lines. Our exclusive Aqua Aire Jet technology creates the movement of water in our baths. These jets have a check valve system that closes and does not allow water to settle back into the air lines. Aqua Aire Jets ensure only air is entering a new bath, not contaminated water from the previous bath.

Before choosing a walk-in tub to suit your needs, it’s important to weigh up how each bath’s features differ. For example, our Dream Spa has a heated seat and air - which will soon become an essential addition to your bathing experience! Not only does it help keep you warm during your bath, but it also prevents you from getting cold as your tub fills up with water - since a walk-in tub requires you to be seated before filling, unlike a standard bathtub.

3. Safety

Enjoying a bath shouldn’t come with risks. Having a relaxing soak should be something you look forward to, not fear. A walk-in tub protects you against injury and enhances your quality of life by offering easy access to bathing that is safe and comfortable. 

Being able to bathe at home shouldn’t take away your independence, which is why many walk-in tubs are equipped with a slip-resistant base, an integrated seat and a contoured back to ensure both comfort and safety.

Regardless of your physical status, you will appreciate the low step, smooth entry, and relaxing seat that’s in a walk-in bathtub.

With Penner, you can say goodbye to ‘stepping’ into a bathtub, with an easy access swing-out door that makes bathing a relaxing experience once again. All you need is a good book and some bubbles!

Key safety features of a Penner walk-in tub:

  • Wide, swing-out door for easy access
  • Safer entry-sit access that allows you to swing both of your legs into the bath
  • Low threshold entry
  • Aqua-Aire Jet System for cleaner bathing

4. Clean in comfort

Nobody likes getting shampoo in their eyes. When you feel unsteady washing your hair in the shower, or trying to rinse your hair in the bath, bathing can feel like both a chore and a health risk. 

With a walk-in tub, you can enjoy powerful jets and a hand-held shower wand to easily and conveniently wash your body and rinse your hair. So you can really feel like you again! 

Not forgetting our Dream Spa’s heated seat, back and air for maximum comfort and enjoyment, keeping you warm and soothed from start to finish.

5. Available in a variety of sizes and styles

While not every walk-in tub will slot seamlessly into your bathroom’s current design, there are plenty available that don’t require a costly remodel of your entire bathroom.

In your search for the ideal walk-in tub, it’s important to take note of the size and features of each, especially if your bathroom has limited space. But that doesn’t mean that it’s totally impossible to install a walk-in tub in your existing bathroom! 

The style and size differences across the market vary greatly. This includes walk-in tubs with end-access doors, double-ended walk-ins, and the opportunity to specify inward/outward or right-hand/left-hand doors.

Here are some of the different options you will currently find on the market:

  • Left/right-hand walk-in tub
  • Deep soak walk-in bathtubs
  • Walk-in baths with lifts
  • Easy access bath/shower
  • Front entry bathtubs

Here at Penner Bathing, we don’t believe your home needs to be adapted to your new tub style. This is why our Dream Spa fits directly in a standard tub space, allowing you to avoid a timely (and expensive) remodeling project in order to bathe easily at home. When you make the decision to install a walk-in tub, you want to know it’ll be ready to go as quickly as possible, to the highest possible standards.

6. Future-proof your bathroom

One of the most common reasons why those with mobility issues and illnesses go into assisted homes is the inability to bathe safely. A walk-in bathtub is designed for optimum safety with non-skid floors, safety grab rails, a safe seat and a door seal to keep the water in.

All walk-in tubs are built to last, providing maximum durability that’ll stand the test of time. This means that if your mobility were to change, you can rest assured that your new tub will be suitable for your changing needs for years to come.

Dream Spa walk-in bathtub top-down view

7. High functionality (and style options)

Many walk-in baths have features beyond your ordinary bathtub, including:

  • Powerful jets
  • Heated seat systems
  • Chromotherapy lights
  • Warmed air systems

We believe that you should be able to safely bathe yourself in a walk-in tub you love, both in function and style.

This is why we offer our Dream Spa walk-in bath in millions (yes, millions!) of colors. From stylish black to white and gray marble, or a natural stone texture, we can customize your walk-in tub’s color to suit your bathroom. All you need to do is sit back and relax.

8. Stress relief

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of warm, bubbly water to relieve stress, lift your mood and help you to relax. With powerful jets, a walk-in tub can have therapeutic benefits like soothing sore muscles and joints, helping to alleviate aches, pains, tension and fatigue.

The calming environment of a walk-in bath can help you to unwind at the end of your day and get you ready for a good night’s rest. 

Ready for your new walk-in tub?

If you’re ready to pull the trigger on a walk-in tub for your home, we suggest the Penner Dream Spa walk-in tub. Packed with features you’ll love, it has the functionality you need to stay independent, the features you want to be comfortable and relaxed, and the style you deserve. 

Take back your independence and bathe safely at home in our  Dream Spa walk-in tub, with low threshold entry and a wide, swing-out door for easy access. Never again will you have to step into a bathtub and risk slipping, over-stepping or injury.

Relax safely in the knowledge that you can bathe at home without aid while enjoying powerful jets, a hand-held shower wand and warmth while your tub fills around you.

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