The Benefits of Bathing

As kids, the bath is a place to play and splash around, but as adults, it can be difficult finding the time to take a bath. And as we age, sometimes bathing can become more of a hassle, or a struggle, than we’d like to admit. When you don’t have a walk-in tub, the idea of bathing alone can make what is supposed to be a relaxing experience into a daunting one. The risk of slipping, falling or overreaching can make bathing a danger we’d rather avoid.

But no matter how your day has been, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of relaxing in the tub of an evening. Especially when you have a walk-in tub ready and waiting for an evening of unwinding.

A few bubbles here and there, some flickering candles and a great book can wash away the stress of your day and help you feel completely and totally relaxed.

The Benefits of Bathing

Whichever way we look at it, bathing is a crucial part of life and an important aspect of self-care, no matter how old we are.

There are many benefits of bathing, beyond the need to clean ourselves. And so, here are our top 8 reasons for taking a bath and how to get the most out of your soak.

Be warned, you’ll want to hop in the tub right after this!

1. Bathing soothes muscles and joints

If you suffer from stiff joints or other health concerns, such as arthritis or back pain, a nice warm bath can help temporarily relieve you of this discomfort.

Soaking in the bath can help to soothe tired muscles and joints, relieving you of soreness and tension. Simply sit back and relax and allow the water to envelop your body, helping to make exercise and daily tasks a little easier each day.

If you struggle with muscle weakness, enjoy the weightlessness of the water to carry out small stretches during your bath, this will help to strengthen your muscles over time. Plus, you can count it as a part of your daily exercise!

For an extra dose of relaxation, try adding some candles nearby, a little bubble bath or even some Epsom salts.

2. Warm baths elevate your mood

Studies have shown that bathing can help diminish feelings of depression, by allowing us to enjoy a warm, quiet and comfortable moment of solitude. Who knew that taking a bath could be such a mood booster!

Naturally, bathing induces feelings of comfort and easiness, giving us a sense of security that allows both the mind and body to relax. The warmth of the water calms down your nervous system, which in turn reduces the levels of stress and anxiety in the body. 

Simply grab your favorite book, sit back and enjoy!

3. They can help you sleep better

It’s easy to think that warm, soothing water is what sends us to sleep, but it’s actually quite the opposite! Some research has suggested that a cooler core body temperature can help induce sleep. But don’t go having an ice bath just yet! As the same goal can be achieved by simply stepping out of a warm bath.

The tub’s water will raise your body temperature, while exiting the bath will quickly cool you down again, instigating the production of the sleep hormone - melatonin.

A moment of relaxation during bathing can help you to feel sleepy and ready for bed in no time.

4. Improved blood circulation

A warm, relaxing bath can do a lot for your mind and body, including improving blood flow and circulation. But that’s not all, as it also makes it more oxygenated by allowing you to breathe slower and deeper, particularly when taking in steam.

If you feel like your feet are always cold, it could be due to poor circulation. Get in that tub and enjoy the warm water’s ability to improve your body temperature and blood flow.

Most commonly, we enjoy a hot bath or spa when we feel under the weather, as it can also relieve the symptoms of cold and flu. A relaxing hot bath can kill bacteria and improve immunity, so you can feel your best.

5. Reduced swelling and inflammation

Much like the way bathing reduces soreness and tension, the warm water and relaxing atmosphere helps to reduce swelling and inflammation, especially in the feet and ankles.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the powerful jets of our Dream Spa walk-in bath, as you allow your worries to wash away! As well as soothing the skin, Epsom salts also promote foot health too!

6. Heart health

As well as improving your circulation, reducing stress levels and keeping your muscles in great shape, regular bathing can help to reduce blood pressure. 

By using the warmth of the bath to induce better blood flow and circulation, you're giving your body a mini-workout, therefore keeping your heart in great working order!

Plus, all that relaxation has got to be beneficial for heart health, right?

7. A relaxing cleanse and time to moisturize

One of the most obvious benefits of bathing, getting clean! As you age, you may start to notice changes in your skin, including dryness, but don’t let that hold you back from enjoying a warm bath.

Bathing is a great way to cleanse and moisturize your skin, with the warmth of water opening up your pores, allowing your body to sweat - the body’s natural way of cleansing.

If you do suffer from dry skin, don’t forget to moisturize right after your bath to add some hydration back into your skin and keep it soft and smooth.

8. Baths can soothe irritated skin

It isn’t just dry skin that can benefit from a relaxing soak in the bath. If you suffer from irritated skin, a warm (not too hot!) bath combined with essential oils such as lavender or coconut help to hydrate and heal your skin.

The smell of aromatherapy essential oils is enough to keep your skin in great shape and help you feel on cloud nine.

Bathe the right way, with Penner Bathing

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